This adventure has only just begun!

Taking part of EWES's courses was in my plans for some years. When I finally decided to start, I discovered it was beyond expectations; I never imagined I would feel so happy to be there and learn so much in many different levels. It's a challenging yet safe playground, where they push you to be a better version of yourself, and each day is more surprising than the next. Some of the things we learn in the courses are bushcraft techniques, leadership skills, navigation, first aid, nutrition, survival in different areas and many more exciting subjects. This adventure has only just begun!

Ivet Piqué

In my case, I learned humility, patience and tolerance for frustration.

The Wilderness Guide is not only a training to acquire superior knowledge in guides in nature, apart from increasing your comfort zone tremendously, it is a training where personal growth prevails... Work on that aspect of your life, of your personality in which you need to grow the most: In my case, I learned humility, patience and tolerance for frustration. Although it is true that on many occasions I felt uncomfortable, I realized afterwards that this discomfort overcome was what was making me grow as a person. Thanks to all the EWES instructors and team for pushing me to the limit and supporting me when my attitude was not the most appropriate, that patience with which you treat everyone, is the key to your success.

Albert Villa

It changed my way of seeing things…

Although I have been guiding groups of travelers to remote regions such as the Arctic for more than 15 years, the Wilderness Guide Level 1 course that I took served me a lot, not only because it was a true life experience but also because it changed my way of seeing things and allowed me to acquire a series of knowledge that has improved my work as an anthropological guide.

Francesc Bailón

The EWES courses will surprise you.

If you are already a mountain guide or a mountain leader and you want to go much further in your professional training, the EWES courses will surprise you. Do you want to grow as a person and as a professional? In their courses you can develop your skills or learn new ones, know your limits and your potential. EWES instructors, professional guides who develop their vocation in all continents, will guide you in this process and always give the best of themselves so that you too can make the most of yourself.

Ramón Dies

After finishing the EWES training there are no limits, the limits are up to you.

When you finish your training as a mountain guide, you quickly realize that you have to specialize and differentiate yourself from the rest of your companions. For me, EWES has made a big difference because it addresses key issues that are tiptoed over, or are not even covered in the training as a guide, and it trains you in others that are what will differentiate you from other guides. After finishing the EWES training there are no limits, the limits are up to you.

José Arco

Definitely it change my life!

Doing the WGA training brought me to another dimension, it was one of the best experience I had in my life especially in the human side. I learnt a lot about wilderness technics, expedition planning, first aid, survival... but what I loved the most was sharing the experience with my colleagues and helping each other to explore the unknown of our inner. Definitely it change my life and I will bring memories for the rest of my life. Thanks to EWES team to bring us this opportunity.

Rafa Carrasco

A great and safe setting to practice with ‘out-of-the-comfort-zone’ situations.

This course is an excellent opportunity for personal growth as a leader and as a person. The circumstances and atmosphere that are being created facilitate a great and safe setting to learn and practice with ‘out-of-the-comfort-zone’ situations. The wide variety of content that is covered makes this course very useful and practical in outdoor and wilderness fieldwork!

Nick Platje

I have developed myself as a person in an universal way!

Hiking and trekking is a big passion for me. The course to become a WGA guide has improved my outdoor skills in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. The friendships that have been closed during the course and practical modules gives me a happy feeling. Sometimes it was difficult, tough and challenging. I keep good memories of the training. But the most valuable thing for me is that I have developed myself as a person in an universal way.

Koen Beekman

The amount of information provided was amazing!

I signed up with the idea of learning a few key skills and enjoying some days outdoors. But instead this course turned out to be much more: the amount of information provided was amazing, and it covered fundamental aspects of guiding, survival and outdoor activities that I didn't even imagine before. Not only taught us critical skills to be able to develop ourselves outdoors, but also how to have the right mind-set and to always think out of the box to find solutions to any problem.

Marti Berini

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Spain & France 2023/2024


Romania April 2023

Wilderness  GUIDE Level II Arctic

Sweden 2023


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