A wilderness guide is a trained and experienced professional with a high level of nature awareness, able to develop, plan and execute outdoor activities during any season in natural areas as specified in its professional profile. 

Wilderness Guide´s skills:

  • Be in complete control of and able to develop and execute multiple-day activities with groups in wilderness areas in a safe way and with a high level of self-sufficiency, according to their level of training, experience, and legal competences.
  • Being positive about and in possession of a knowledge sharing attitude about living and working in natural environments
  • A transmitter of sustainable practices and acting accordingly, minimizing environmental impacts 
  • Function as a key figure and communicator in social and cultural sensitive situations – possess a profound understanding of participants´ behaviour and apply leadership techniques efficiently to manage group dynamics. 



– Aged 18 years or older

– Intermediate level of English

– Professional guide or otherwise experienced and motivated individuals



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