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Asociación EWES

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All of our programs have been rigorously prepared by professionals with extensive experience in the field to offer our participants the best services and activities. Our guides (all bilingual) have an excellent knowledge of the terrain and a great experience.

The reservation of any of the trips whose technical organization carries out EWES, supposes the total acceptance of these general conditions, which are automatically considered incorporated into the contract, without its written transcription being required, as well as the fulfillment of the requirements established in them. The information contained in the descriptions of the courses that are provided and that are available on this site, have a generic nature and therefore, there may be non-significant variations in their content such as those that result from the adaptation of the planned services to the existing availability. In the final documentation of the trip and travel contract that is signed between EWES and the participant, this information will be specified with the definitive details about the route, itineraries, price and services included in the chosen course.


Our programs include Civil Liability insurance. Participants are obliged to obtain travel and / or accident insurance that covers the activity. “Cancellation” insurance is mandatory for the participant to be returned the money, in the case of a trip cancellation due to the participant’s withdrawal.


Wilderness Guide Level 1 & 2 courses

For confirmation of participation a deposit payment of 500 euros is required to assure participation. The remaining amount is to be paid minimum 30 days prior to the departure date of each module.


For confirmation of participation a deposit payment of 50 % of the entire course price is required to assure participation. The remaining amount is to be paid minimum 7 days prior to the departure date.


Any cancelation is to be communicated by email to the EWES team. The prepayment is non-refundable regardless of the motivation or date of cancelation. Nevertheless, the EWES team will take in consideration personal and/or family circumstances and evaluate with care the argumentation provided.

If the client desists from the course after the full payment of the trip, the total corresponding to the organizational and instructor costs will not be refunded. In addition, the client must indemnify the travel agency with the payment of management costs and justified cancellation costs.


About Geographical risk areas. If applicable, the client states that he has been informed by EWES of the political situation in the countries to be visited and of the risks involved in the trip. In addition to this, the consumer is informed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides information on specific recommendations according to destination through the Internet ( or by any other means.

Visas and permits. If necessary, the client is responsible for complying with the requirements and obtaining a visa to the country of destination, keeping his vaccinations up-to-date and having the necessary medicines and personal use with himself. However, you can ask the EWES team for advice and will be assisted when the client considers it appropriate.

The Meteorological conditions. All activities are subject to local weather conditions, the trip program can be modified or canceled last minute by EWES without prior notice, although I will always try to prevent and advise as soon as possible, final decision and responsibility will be assumed and exercised by the EWES guide at destination, without or with communication with the management of EWES.

The Physical and technical level of activities. The client has the obligation to read and understand all the information provided by EWES relevant to the trip previously and to ask in case of doubts, clarifications on the level required in a given activity. In addition, you have the obligation of information about your physical condition, possible illnesses or other physical restrictions that may include the proper conduct of the activity for yourself or one of the other participants or activity guide. It is the responsibility and duty of the EWES guide to assess the client’s physical condition and accept or, possibly, deny the client to participate in the activity before or during the development of the activity. The detail of these levels is explained in the FAQ´s section.

The Material. The customer has carefully read the information available and, if necessary, asked the EWES team questions. If, for some reason, the correct material is not available, the customer must inform EWES in advance of the detailed activity information, as a possible solution can be anticipated.

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